The Walter M601 turbine

power plant combines with

a 3-blade constant speed

prop to deliver power and

thrust for a smooth, high

performance flight.

The Walter engine was designed to withstand the brutal Russian climate and their lack of qualified engine mechanics. It was built for extreme conditions and designed to require fewer overhauls and less maintenance than its competitors. There are no hot section inspections as you probably know them from other engines.

It is a is a two-shaft turboprop engine of reverse flow layout. It features two basic parts: the gas generator and power section. The gas generator consists of a two stage axial and one stage centrifugal compressor, annular combustor and one stage axial turbine.

An accessory gearbox with instruments necessary for engine operation and power control is situated on the rear part of the compressor air intake casing. An oil tank is an integral part of the accessory gearbox. The power section is mounted on the front part of the gas generator. This section consists of a one stage axial turbine, exhaust system and a two stage reduction gearbox with torque meter and propeller shaft. The propeller governor is situated on the reduction gearbox and provides the control of the hydraulic actuated propeller including the reverse thrust angle adjustment, commonly termed "Beta".

The engine is equipped with a system of electronic limiters which protects the engine against overloads or "hot starts". The engine is modified for installation of an automatic feathering system. For more information regarding the engine, please visit their factory web site at